About Us

 Eco-Serve was born to create a green road to connect Eco-friendly products with each and every household. This green brand’s mission is to inspire people to embrace an Eco-friendly lifestyle.

Ecoserve’s main mission for launching an eco-friendly dinnerware range was to provide people with a healthy alternative to plastics and other disposable dinnerware which is one of the big causes of deadly disease like cancer, kidney stones and even neurological problems. Usage of unhealthy thermocol plates not only affects our health but also results in polluting the environment.

Eco Serve Areca nut dinnerware sets not only help in reducing our dependency on plastic products but also help in moulding the psyche of people towards safe eco-friendly biodegradable and earth-friendly substitutes. Eco Serve strongly believes in a philosophy of safe eco-dining and lives up to its motto of ‘safe for you, safer for the planet’

0ur products are completely eco-friendly and are 100% biodegradable and compostable.

Eco-Serve aspires to create a Greener and Safer planet.